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What’s it all about, Alfie?

As you’ll see when I finally get around to updating my “about” page, I am a 37 year survivor of the entertainment industry. I am passionate about creative people and the gifts that they bring to the world. If we could truly harness the creative thinking of just the people I know alone, the ideas we could generate and the problems we could solve would be absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, I have found that even the most successful actors and creative folks feel powerless because it seems like everything is outside of their own control. Someone else who has a more important opinion or bigger pull in decision-making and seems to hold all the cards.

How do we navigate this? As creative individuals we know that it is our duty, destiny and for many, life purpose to create. We build up others by what we create. We lift people spirits by what we create. We elicit change by what we create. We get people to think in places they had never thought before by what we create. Most importantly, we help people get in touch with an intuitive part of their emotional self that, for some, is transformative.

Creative people change the world.  That is a fact but what saddens me most is that we only hear about a fraction of the change that others experience. Most of the time people never get a chance to tell us how important our stuff has been to them. As a result, we question if we have any effect at all and we despair!  We really spend our life having no idea of the scope of how we have helped the world.

It is navigating that one area — really knowing we are making a difference with out seeing it – that is the hardest thing to navigate.

It is my mission and my passion to help creative people feel great about what they do, be as visible as possible so that their reach can be as broad as possible, trust that there is a plan and that they are touching people in every situation they are in, and finally, to be able to separate from those “voices in their head” that need that reassurance and just go out and create — trusting and knowing they are making a difference.

This is the goal of this blog. This is my mission with actors and people in the arts. I hope you enjoy the upcoming articles!